They say that the most successful companies are founded on the ability to find something that people need but can’t obtain. For me this couldn’t ring more true! When I moved to Canada in 2017 I was unaware of the impact that CBD oil would have on my life. Previously living in Australia I was never exposed to the many benefits of CBD oil or even really it’s existence because of the conservative legislation. However, when I moved to Canada where there is no negative stigma surrounding cannabis I quickly realised the possibilites for CBD in a progressive developed nation. My first interaction with it was for my Dad but I soon discovered its many uses and that is where CBDirect Australia was born. Read our stories below

My Dad's Story

I moved to Canada in October of 2017. One week before Christmas my Dad called me and told me that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had been battling cancer for many years but the doctors had finally told him it was a battle he wasn’t going to win. He once again started the motions of Chemotherapy and the hideous side affects that come with it. At 6ft 3 he dwindled to weigh less than me and became a shadow of himself. With constant pain, no appetite and depression we all watched hopelessly as he suffered. Devestatingly this is a story so many of us are familar with as we have watched a love one struggle with cancer. The constant battle between remaining positive whilst also feeling hopeless. I told myself that I wasn’t going to lay down and I was going to find a way to help him. 

Of course my first port of call was Google and it wasn’t long before I was reading multiple articles on CBD oil and its success with cancer patients. I visited a local cannabis clinic and they confirmed that CBD oil can be used to help cancer patients (among many other things!) and that they were hearing amazing success stories. I spoke to Dad about it and he obviously had a lot of questions; Will i get high? Do i have to grow my hair long and be a hippie to take it? You know, the usual ones that we all ask when we are talking about any cannabis based products. I answered them all and told him to speak to his oncologist, which he did and to our amazement he agreed that CBD oil was seeing great results and that it could really help Dad. But here was the clanger,  he said he could try to get Dad a prescription but with the regulations in Australia it was basically impossible. That was 8 months ago and he still has no prescription. 

To be honest when I realised that there was a product that could help people who are suffering but our Government is denying them access to it i was enraged. I couldn’t believe that any human being could allow that level of suffering to occur and sit back. So with anger and emotion running through me I marched down to the local cannabis clinic, purchased a bottle of CBD oil and shipped it to Aus. That was 7 months ago. Since then Dad’s aggressive cancer has not progressed any further and to the amazement of his specialists some of the cancer has even disappeared. His appetite has vastly improved and he has put on 4kg. I am by no means saying that this is a cure or the ONLY solution but i know that it has helped my Dad and I want to spread the word and allow those who need it to have access. 

I have created CBDirect Australia so that I can offer another weapon in people’s fight against cancer and other serious disease, giving them hope and the dignity that they deserve. 


My Story

After finding out about my Dad’s terminal diagnosis I started to develop a small rash inside and around my right nostril. Thinking it had something to do with the -30 degree temperatures I was dealing with in Canada I didn’t do much about it at first. However, as I became more stressed the rash grew. I went to see a doctor and they prescribed me a steroid cream. I went home, applied it and woke up the next day thinking I was imaging things as it seemed to have spread. I kept applying the cream (as you do when a doctor tells you it is the right thing to do) and after 5 days the rash had spread 4 times its original size. Horrified I went to a different doctor where they quickly told me that I had perioral dermatisis and that steroid cream was the WORST thing I could put on it. As I googled my condition i found article after article of people (mostly women) with the same condition battling to get control over it. I tried every home remedy I saw, i slathered coconut oil on it, i burnt it with apple cider vinegar and then tried to soothe it with yoghurt. Some things helped but nothing was getting rid of it. Anxiety started to settle in and i didn’t want to leave the house and have anyone see my face. 

I can’t tell you what exactly prompted me to try CBD oil on my face but one day I did and hand on my heart I started to see a difference within hours. The redness and inflamation was going down before my eyes. I have been using the CBD oil morning and night along with 3 serums for 6 weeks and my dermatisis is barely noticable. 

Once again it seemed that CBD oil was the answer and that it was my purpose to share it with others. 



I have spoken about my own personal use and my Dad's success with CBD Oil however there are so many other uses and benefits. Check out our education section to learn more.